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Why host your own blog

We believe that any person, organization or company should have complete control over their web address. You should be able to own it, use it the way you want and move it if necessary. This can all be achieved by registering a domain name.

Until now, the process of buying and managing domains has been far too difficult, confusing and non-transparent. Consequently, we have set out to create a much better experience for domain seekers in order to make it simple to find, register and set up domains.

With you can purchase hundreds of international domain extensions and easily connect your web addresses to the best web apps and services from all around the internet.

If you are interested in starting a new blog, there are many services which will enable you to create it, design it, and maintain it, all without spending a dime. Some of the most popular blog solutions include WordPress, Blogger, and

The best thing about using these services is that they enable someone without technical knowledge to create their own online presence, complete with a unique design and many subdomains.

However, while it may seem like a good idea to sign up for one of the free services, there are many reasons why you should host your own domain.

Build a Solid Brand

Hosting a blog can also help to build a brand. Over time, your visitors will associate your blog with your domain name, as opposed to a generic subdomain.

Hestia ProAdditionally, having a self hosted blog implies professionalism. For example, what would you think if The New York Times website was hosted on Blogger at

Design autonomy

While there is a lot of flexibility to create a unique blog template, you can only achieve complete design freedom by hosting your own blog.

When you host your website, you will always be in possession of all of your files and data. On the contrary, when you use a free hosted solution, you do not have the same freedom to access, download, or backup your data.

Most people are interested in blogging because of the potential income that can be generated. However, many of the free hosted solutions do not give you the option to place advertisements on your website. So if you are looking for complete advertising freedom, you will need to host your own blog.

Additionally, some affiliate programs require you to host your own website. Otherwise, your application will not be approved.

Granted, hosting your own blog does require some technical knowledge. And if you are not interested in doing it yourself, it will necessitate a monetary investment to get a developer to build your blog for you. However, it is worth the effort. In the end, you’ll get complete freedom and flexibility to design the ideal blog and make it profitable.


As we mentioned in our article, 5 Reasons You Need A Blog, a blog has many positive SEO benefits. By hosting your blog on your website, you will be able to further optimize your blog to be even more search engine friendly. For example, you can take advantage of SEO plugins.

Even better, if you also have a website, your blog can help generate additional traffic.

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